Take the RAC Audit Preparedness Challenge

Your answers to these questions allow our RAC experts to advise where your organization stands in dealing with RAC audit workflow issues. This consultation is FREE. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to review your results.

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1. Our leadership has established and documented the processes that enable a rapid and accurate RAC Automatic / Complex response.

2. My organization has defined a cross-functional team with clear roles and responsibilities for a RAC audit response.

3. An education plan exists for the stakeholders and departments impacted by the RAC program.

4. Senior leadership has calculated the possible financial exposure of an internal audit including our look-back period exposure.

5. A performance improvement program exists to systematically improve admissions, billing documentation, and RAC response processes.

6. My organization has a structured approach to uncovering, breaking down and managing the constraints in our RAC response process.

7. My organization performs mock audits in accordance with established policies and procedures to validate the level of our RAC readiness.


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