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TACCI Conference: Implementing Lean Six Sigma for Small and Mid-Size Companies

When: Feb 10, 2009

Where: Euro Stars Wall Street Hotel New York NY

Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce & Industry 

Implementation of Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) with Lean Six Sigma has started to pay off in small and midsized companies, as well as in government agencies.  Lean Six Sigma combines the principles of Lean (a systematic approach to eliminate waste) with the best practices of Six Sigma (a rigorous, data-driven process to eliminate defects). Lean Six Sigma is the relentless pursuit for perfection across the entire value chain. Lean Six Sigma is now helping small and midsized companies to become more competitive and making government agencies more efficient and effective. According to the Lean Six Sigma Benchmark Report of Aberdeen Study Group, mid-size companies are reaping greater financial rewards from the program than large companies. Mid-size companies are achieving greater savings from Six Sigma projects and better growth. In this presentation, CPI/Lean Six Sigma trends around the world will be presented and CPI/Lean Six Sigma implementations in Small and Mid-Sized companies and how they get started will be highlighted. More >>

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