About us

About us


NOVACES has grown to provide a portfolio of services that focus on the firm’s passion to improve the operational performance of government, military, and business.

Our services - which are the result of a long-standing committment to applied research, investments in specialized talent, and a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement - are designed to produce breakthroughs in performance for our clients.

We search for opportunities to work with passionate leaders who wish to push the limits of what’s possible, to work outside the boundaries of traditional thinking, and to achieve remarkable results.


Ensuring Our Military and Veterans Receive Excellent Healthcare

There are many challenges to modernizing the military and veterans healthcare system. Undertanding how to design excellent healthcare processes that leverage the advantages of integrated healthcare facilities and information technology is at the core of what we do.

Improving the Quality of Care Delivered By Our Nation's Hospitals

Healthcare is undergoing a major transformation of its financial model, requiring fundamental changes in the way that patient care is coordinated. Helping leaders work through difficult organizational conflicts and implementing changes to make healthcare processes more efficient is a unique capability of our team.

Optimizing Our Military’s
Mission Readiness

Our military's readiness is a concern of military leaders, government leaders, and U.S. citizens alike. However, readiness cannot come at any cost. Improvements in how we maintain our military assets at peak readiness levels, but at greatly reduced costs is a charge we work at every day.

Speeding Up the Recovery of Communities After Disasters

Recent disasters in the U.S. have been unprecedented in scope and cost, and call for a more systematic approach to preparadness and response management. The communities around our headquarters in New Orleans, LA have been impacted by disasters too often and it has driven us to find solutions to accelerate the recovery process and produce better resiliency for the future.

Providing Focus for Leaders of
Complex Organizations

The complexity of operational challenges and the uncertainty it creates prevents leaders from taking decisive action. Detangling these complex issues requires special management tools that few leaders have at their disposal. Our experts bring the systems thinking and specialized toolsets to focus attention on the true core issues.



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