Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Our clients use Project Portfolio Management to solve these core problems:

How do we synchronize information to manage a portfolio of projects?
When is the right time to release new projects in the system?
How do we deal with frequently changing priorities?
How can we manage capacity and prevent organization overload?

Those four core problems rob your organization of capacity and speed. Break through the barriers of your current project management system.

Shorten lead times
Gain responsiveness and agility
Capture opportunities to earn more profit
Reach new levels of productivity
Enable more collaboration among your teams
Deliver on more schedule commitments

BeingManagement is a Project Portfolio Management solution with exceptional functionality, highly-refined user interfaces, and proven dependability.

Get rich, on-demand dashboard reports and analytics
Prioritize projects with sophisticated scheduling capabilities and what-if analysis
Control projects and monitor progress with an intuitive graphical interface
Gain ability to evaluate resource loading across the entire portfolio
Assess the impact of priority changes and emergent work at the project and portfolio levels
Use portfolio analysis tools to determine the optimum time to release new work into the system
Seamlessly communicate task assignments to the resource pool

BeingManagement is a project portfolio management software that enables organizations to seamlessly manage all projects, resources and tasks within one enterprise solution.

It is designed specifically for businesses that depend on speed-to-market and reliable delivery to customers with its sophisticated, yet elegantly simple system for executing complex project portfolios. If speed is mission critical for your business, BeingManagement is the perfect fit. To learn more about the software, visit or request a demo by clicking the link below.

Industry-leading companies trust BeingManagement.

With hundreds of clients who use BeingManagement to accelerate their project performance, this solution has come to be trusted by a wide variety of industry-leading companies. The software is developed and supported by Being Corporation, which is a publicly traded Japanese software development company established in 1984. NOVACES is proud to be an exclusive reselling partner for BeingManagement in North America.


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