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Lean Six Sigma for States, Cities and Municipalities

NOVACES consultants specialize in Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints process and performance improvement programs for counties, municipalities, cities, towns and villages. Our process improvement experts work directly with state and local government officials to evaluate current services and systems, find inefficiencies, and actively affect positive change. Together we will help your community improve the outcome of local government services, eliminate inefficiencies, extend resources and reduce costs from many publically-funded programs.

Local Government Services Benefit from Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Lean Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints process and performance improvement methodologies have been successfully deployed in states around the country. Many states, counties, cities, towns and municipalities have used this proven approach to extend public resources, reduce expenditures, reallocate investments and improve the quality of life for citizens. Here are some examples of the types of departments, services and projects that can benefit from Lean Six Sigma programs:

  • Procurement
  • Tax collection and disbursement
  • Education districting
  • Workforce training and performance
  • Zoning and community planning
  • Housing and welfare
  • Wastewater, waste management, sewage treatment and landfills
  • Court fees and fines
  • Toll ways, roads, bridges and infrastructure repair and maintenance
  • Public transportation
  • Police, fire and emergency safety
  • Disaster recovery
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Parks and recreation

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