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WORKSHOP: Next Generation CPI - The Integration of Constraints Management with Lean Six Sigma

When: Jan 17, 2011

Where: Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa Orlando FL

The Integration of Constraints Management with Lean Six Sigma is a Breakthrough for Enterprise Process Improvement

The integration of Lean and Six Sigma brought about many changes to process improvement strategy. Now, with most of the low hanging fruit gone, leaders are challenged to implement breakthrough methods that produce increasingly better ROI.

Through a dynamic, hands-on simulation, participants will work in process improvement teams to learn how to integrate Constraints Management to yield results that Lean Six Sigma cannot produce on its own. Track the results for several key metrics and measure the difference. This workshop is a mixture of the simulation activities and interactive discussions about how to drive process improvement strategy to a new level of capability. The session will focus on:

  • How to use Constraints Management to find high-impact opportunities for better ROI
  • Tools that leaders can apply to break organizational constraints
  • Lessons learned from integration conflicts – how to make it work
  • Making the right changes to key performance indicators when constraints

Bahadir Inozu, Ph.D., CEO, NOVACES
Dan Chauncey, Director of Deployment Services, NOVACES

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