Lean Workshops

Lean Workshops

Our Lean workshops attack waste, inefficiencies and defects enterprise-wide. However, these efforts don’t have to be overly complex. Our on-site facilitation can quickly produce measurable results.

Importantly, we are successful in helping to identify where to start and how to prioritize process improvement opportunities to help our clients get the improvement impact and desired results.


Rapid Improvement Workshop Facilitation
Typical Duration: 1 week offsite preparation / 1 week on-site event

Our experienced facilitators will conduct an on-site Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW) by building a team of process stakeholders to quickly improve a work process. The first week is conducted off-site to prepare the logistics, data, and team. The Rapid Improvement Workshop is completed on-site, during which the facilitator will show the team how to implement lean concepts in the work area. At the conclusion of the workshop, a plan of action is developed ensuring that actions are completed and results are realized.

Value Stream Analysis / Process Mapping Facilitation

Typical Duration: 1 week of off-site preparation / 1 week on-site event

Click here to download a Value 
Stream Analysis case study in which cycle 
time was reduced by 75% >>

Value Stream Analysis (VSA) is a high impact, low cost way to quickly improve processes. Importantly, the focus is shifted from departmental functions to satisfying the customer by looking at the complete value stream. The goal is to include only the steps in a process that add value to the product or service being provided.

NOVACES facilitators guide participants through the methodology to create a future-state process incorporating lean concepts for enhanced speed and efficiency. Teams learn how to work together using this method to achieve the vision for a streamlined process.

When coupled with the Lean Expert course, VSA sessions facilitated by NOVACES provide the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to develop a client’s internal capabilities.

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