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IQPC 10th Annual Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Summit 2009

When: Jan 20, 2009

Where: Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa Orlando FL

Organizational Transformation: The L6S Way

Connecting With Business Strategy · Maximizing Customer Value Achieving Operational Cost Savings · Embracing Innovation

Now in its 10th year, it’s all about transforming your business by deploying the most forward thinking L6S and Business Excellence strategies. With economic down-turns affecting your business globally, tailored sessions will give you the power to turnaround your company’s operations and keep profits high:

  • Future proof your business against recession by driving value to the customer, delivering cost savings and streamlining your operational value chain
  • Enhance leadership and talent development capabilities to drive forward sustainable culture change
  • Catapult Lean Six Sigma to the next level through strategic enterprise management: Move to a model of Business Excellence to deliver value on your organizational strategy
  • Ingrain process and product innovation into your improvement strategies to boost your competitive element and profits
  • Take the Lean green approach to business management for unprecedented energy cost savings and a sustainable operating model in a time of cutbacks

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