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TOCICO International Conference 2015

When: Sep 6, 2015

Where: Cape Town ZA

Join us, at the Westin Cape Town, for the 13th Annual TOCICO International conference being held from Sept. 6-9, 2015! At this exciting 4-day event choose from over 65 sessions presented by some of the World’s leading experts on how to use the Theory of Constraints and other continuous improvement methods as a basis for building Anti-fragile Organizations. Here are all the transforming workshops that will be presented at the 2015 conference.

Improving Project Portfolio Performance with Buffer-Type Flexibility and Task-level DBR

MIKE HANNAN, Fortezza Consulting

This presentation focuses on two emerging techniques to improve project portfolio performance within a CCPM framework. While the two techniques have demonstrated performance improvements in software-development project portfolios, the authors will present how they can also be applied in other project-centric domains. Click here to view a video about this presentation.

How to Effectively and Efficiently Improve Flow Within Any Environment Workshop
DR. ALAN BARNARD, CEO, Goldratt Research Labs (USA)

In "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” (2008), Dr. Eli Goldratt showed the importance of differentiating between a concept (universal) and an application (specific) and showed that the key to the success of Henry Ford’s Flow Lines and Taiichi Ohno’s Toyota Production System was the fact that they built their management philosophy as a specific application of the universal "Four Concepts of Flow”.

Sustaining the TOC Culture: Management Styles for "Ever Flourishing” Companies Workshop
KIRAN KOTHEKAR, Founding Director, Vector Consulting Group

It is widely agreed that the biggest challenge for a company that has implemented TOC successfully is to sustain this culture. To achieve and sustain transformational change that TOC brings to the company’s work environment and financial performance, top management of companies must continuously embed, enable and reinforce the TOC practices, and behaviors at every level of the organization including their own.

TOC Basics Workshop Workshop
CHRISTOPH LENHARTZ, General Manager, Catena Strategies

While most business professionals and academics relate Theory of Constraints (TOC) to The Goal (a novel on managing production processes more effectively) and therefore a manufacturing environment only, TOC is far more than just a production philosophy.This workshop describes the evolution of TOC based on the business problems encountered and solved at each stage in its development, the TOC solutions redefined the focus and expanded the scope of the new system encompassed by the TOC philosophyRead more...

Transforming Buy-In to the Full TOC Project and Resource Management Workshop Workshop

Dee Jacob, CEO, The Marketplace Emporia, LLC

Problem: When selling or gaining buy in to the TOC solution for project environments, it is often difficult to grasp the reality of the full transformative vision and benefits. After all, it is a great departure from today’s reality. Though we have good exercises to demonstrate the negatives of bad multi-tasking versus focused tasking (the Bead Game, the paper tearing exercise), it is hard to translate those exercises to the full benefits of the integrated solution and the full need for software.

Transforming Your Life Using Clear and Rigorous Thinking Workshop

This is a workshop on "Clear and Rigorous Thinking” – intended for general conference attendees. It has its genesis in Eli Goldratt’s last seminal work "The Choice” in which he shorts all to "Think Clearly.”

Transforming our Assumptions about Managing Systems and Resources via Simple Games and Exercises Workshop
DR. RUSS JOHNSON, Associate Professor, Washington State University

This workshop will employ several games to help the participants gain a hands-on understanding of what happens in our systems that consumes much of the capacity we thought the system had. Participants will uncover how variability and dependency make it virtually impossible for systems to deliver target outputs. They will learn what is meant by "bad” multi-tasking and how it plagues the project world causing errors and rework, longer than expected lead-times and cost overruns to name a few.

Transforming Project Turmoil into Project Harmony: A Critical Chain (CCPM) Basics Workshop Workshop
JOE COOPER, Senior Consultant, Allegient, LLC

Does it seem that projects in your organization require frequent firefighting where due dates are challenged and heroics are necessary to get things done? Do projects often go from green to red overnight? Is team morale suffering? Do you believe that your organization could flourish to new heights if this cycle were broken?...

Vector on Managing Flow in Project Environments: New CCPM Models Workshop
SATYASHRI MOHANTY, Director, Vector Consulting Group

Vector Consulting Group has considerable experience in successfully implementing TOC in large, complex project environments fraught with litigation and chronic delays. They have consistently delivered results for clients in environments like NPD (New product development), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction) and ETO (Engineered to Order).

Working with the Success Framework on the Inside, for Success on the Outside: Results from the Utah Dept. of Corrections Industries Workshop
BAHADIR INOZU, PH.D, Co-Founder and Principal, NOVACES, LLC,
ALAN JAMES, Director, Utah Division of Correctional Industries,
GREG GARDNER, Director of Operational Excellence, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget,
STEVE GEHRKE, Director of Quality and Process Improvement, Utah Department of Corrections

This presentation will highlight results and lessons learned from Utah's SUCCESS Program led by the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB) at Utah Correctional Industries (UCI). Reducing recidivism in the State (the relapse of criminal behavior) has been one of Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s top priorities. Click here to view a video about this presentation.

Finance and Measures Workshop

Rocco’s primary focus areas are the disciplines of strategically driven improvement services and succession planning. Rocco is significantly involved in  education and organizations to advance the CPA profession, as well as to continually upgrade his knowledge on advanced CPA accounting and tax skills.

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