Master Black Belt


Course length: 2 weeks over 2 months plus apprenticeship period

The development model for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts has evolved to mirror the traditional apprentice-journeyman-master model. This is largely based on the recognition that true mastery cannot be gained through didactic learning alone. Mentoring support is provided on a decreasing scale offset with increasing levels of autonomy and the assumption of responsibility for subordinate projects, training delivery and mentoring. The NOVACES Master Black Belt training is typically customized for the client organization. The topics presented below are included in the training portion of our Master Black Belt apprenticeship. The training is followed by a period of apprenticeship by a seasoned Master Black Belt, at which time the candidate learns various advanced skills such as leadership, facilitation, mentoring, and statistical analysis.

Course Objectives

  • Develop the major competencies required in Lean Six Sigma organizational deployment
  • Understand organizational levers
  • Understand how to prioritize improvement efforts in enterprise value streams
  • Develop deep technical knowledge in Lean Six Sigma process improvement methods
  • Master problem definition and scoping

Primary Topics

  • Enterprise Deployment
  • Leadership as a Master Black Belt
  • Supporting Executive Leaders
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Process Management and Results
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Change Management
  • Project Team Management
  • Problem Definition and Chartering
  • Current State Measurement
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Advanced Process Improvement Tools
  • Advanced Control and Sustainment
  • Mentoring and Coaching


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