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Apr 29, 2009

NOVACES Introduces SystemCPI to Guide Planning and Management of Lean Six Sigma Deployments

The approach streamlines process improvement efforts and helps organizations reduce the cost of implementations and speed solutions.

NewOrleans, LA (PRWEB) April 29, 2009 -- NOVACES, a consulting and training firm, announced an advanced process improvement program to help clients focus efforts on those projects with the most impact on the entire business. SystemCPISM, a comprehensive deployment methodology, draws on the company's deep expertise in blending process improvement approaches and tools to help clients achieve better outcomes.

The service marks a significant milestone in NOVACES' operational excellence vision, which aims to synthesize proven methodologies that provide better clarity and momentum to process improvement initiatives, and optimize the resources required to get the most improvement possible for the least investment.

"Our clients operate in such a competitive environment and surviving the economic downturn requires something beyond traditional process improvement implementations," said NOVACES chief operating officer Brian MacClaren. "That drives the need to achieve a rapid return on investment with the prospect of increased market share as the economy improves."

With SystemCPI, organizations can achieve rapid returns on their process improvement investment whether they are just beginning or in need of realignment to support changing business needs. The approach answers five overarching issues in process improvement deployments, offering a solution that:

- Scales to any size organization and aligns easily to needs.
- Shortens the traditional execution time from adoption to results.
- Optimizes the utilization of resources required to achieve the desired goals.
- Breaks organizational policy constraints and maximizes efficiencies.
- Sustains the gains and defines a path to self-sufficiency.

"While working with our clients, SystemCPI has proven to maximize leadership engagement during the planning process," noted Dan Chauncey, director of deployment services for the company. In this way, management can set priorities for improvement opportunities that are strategically aligned with customer needs and financial concerns.

Several years in development and the result of real world applications, SystemCPI is a rigorous, structured methodology that assimilates Theory of Constraints with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and was designed to amplify enterprise-level improvements.

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