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Jun 30, 2010

NOVACES Launches New RAC Preparedness Solution to Assist Healthcare Organizations to Quickly Implement Best Practices in Response Management

The company’s Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Preparedness Solution greatly reduces the time required to implement RAC response best practices and can dramatically reduce Medicare take-back risk with the 3-day Rapid Deployment Workshop.

New Orleans, LA (Vocus) June 30, 2010 -- NOVACES, a provider of healthcare Lean Six Sigma, continuous process improvement (CPI) and quality management consulting and training services, announced today the rollout of its RAC Audit Preparedness Solution. The service designed for hospitals and large physician practices draws upon the company’s considerable expertise in healthcare process improvement. The program uncovers and eliminates the root causes of a healthcare organization’s audit vulnerabilities, saving time, money and the potential for excessive Medicare take-backs.

In recognition of the critical role that workflow plays in Recovery Audit Contractor preparedness, NOVACES has developed the solution as a turnkey activity that eliminates wasted steps and identifies the bottlenecks in an organization’s RAC response process. The program, which can be accomplished in five days over a three-week period for most facilities, provides the organization with the workflows and tools to ensure data accuracy and compliant audit response times.

“Too often, RAC Audit preparedness focuses too much on software to handle its coordination and deadlines,” said director of healthcare services and former Chief Nursing Officer Charles Mount of NOVACES. “While software can play a role in RAC, these systems typically overlook the inefficiencies in processes that lead to costly errors and delays. Equally important, the solution synchronizes the team and frees up providers for their patient care responsibilities rather than spending precious time on RAC.”

The service is designed to drastically reduce the cost and distraction that an organization would incur to design and build the infrastructure required to respond to an audit from scratch. Regardless of where a healthcare organization is in its audit preparation, the results can be seen in a facility’s bottom line almost immediately.

Deborah Smith, the company’s RAC Preparedness team leader and former VP of Process Improvement for the largest healthcare system in the state of Colorado, reflects upon her experience preparing for an audit, "RAC is a complex process. Assembling the right information and the right team of experts to meet the requirements will be critical. RAC can be a distraction to the patient care team and cause cash flow disruptions if you are not ready."

NOVACES is offering a free consultation to those responsible for RAC preparedness by filling out a short questionnaire on its website at Additionally, Deborah Smith will be presenting a webinar “Best Practices in RAC Preparedness” on July 20 at 1 PM EDT that will outline the most important elements that need to be in place to successfully respond to an audit. Registration information for the webinar is also available at

About NOVACES NOVACES is a leading provider of healthcare Lean Six Sigma, continuous process improvement (CPI) and quality management consulting and training services to both the public and private sectors. By leveraging over two decades of applied research experience, the company is capable of delivering today’s most effective methods for generating breakthroughs in operational capabilities and financial performance. NOVACES serves hospitals, medical centers, large physician networks and practices, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Employing its SystemCPI roadmap, the company provides a framework to deploy and manage a process improvement program that helps clients more rapidly achieve return on investment and self-sufficiency. For more information, visit or call 1-877-577-6888.

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