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Jul 29, 2010

NovaMark Solutions and NOVACES Form Strategic Alliance Supporting Performance Improvement Services in Hospitals and Health Systems

NovaMark Solutions, the exclusive North American reseller of Covalent Software’s Corporate Performance and Quality Management software, today announced the finalization of a strategic alliance with NOVACES, a leading provider of healthcare performance improvement and Lean Six Sigma consulting services.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) July 29, 2010 -- NovaMark Solutions, the exclusive North American reseller of Covalent Software in the healthcare market, and NOVACES, a leading provider of healthcare performance improvement consulting and training, today announced a strategic partnership that will enable clients to exploit the best of both company’s core strengths.

NOVACES will be employing Covalent’s corporate performance and quality management software as a core component of its delivery methodology, allowing clients to monitor the impact of performance improvement and Lean Six Sigma efforts on key metrics within one system that can be accessed across the organization.

“This partnership brings together the respective strengths of both companies – Novaces’ extensive experience in Lean Six Sigma and healthcare performance improvement and Covalent’s proven corporate performance and quality management software,” said Mike Scalcucci, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NovaMark Solutions. “We feel this better positions both companies to fill an important and growing need in the marketplace.”

This collaboration comes at an important time, as the American Hospital Association (AHA) has just released in July its new strategy, “Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence,” at its 2010 AHA Annual Leadership Forum. By employing Covalent within the NOVACES portfolio of healthcare performance improvement services, hospitals can implement AHA’s guidance to leverage data and measurement across the organization, set targets, and track performance in one cohesive system.

Lean healthcare is a critical piece of the future for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to implement the changes that must be made for the U.S. to be a world leader in terms of quality and affordability,” said Charles Mount, director of healthcare and former Chief Nursing Officer at NOVACES. “The next evolution of our healthcare management system must also include capabilities to set goals for performance and then monitor them in one simple system that can be accessed by management throughout the organization. The changes that are necessary require real teamwork, and I’m very excited about how Covalent software will help achieve new levels of collaboration in a healthcare enterprise.”

NOVACES has begun introducing the software to its healthcare clients and initial results indicate that hospitals and health systems are able to consolidate key metrics for quality, safety, satisfaction and facility operations into the enterprise-system. As a result, leaders who are responsible for performance improvement will be able to use the information as a tool to guide decision-making and work towards achieving and sustaining goals.

About the Companies:
NovaMark Solutions, LLC, was founded by Roger Travis and Mike Scalcucci, who collectively bring over 60 years of experience in the information technology industry and performance management solutions. NovaMark specializes in developing and executing highly customized sales and marketing strategies for technology companies looking to expand their business in North America. By leveraging this expertise NovaMark is able to not only provide clients with market leading strategies, but remain involved to lead the successful execution of those strategies.

NOVACES, LLC is a leading provider of healthcare performance improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and quality management consulting and training services to hospitals, health systems, large physician networks, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Employing its SystemCPI roadmap, the company provides a framework to deploy and manage a performance improvement program that enables clients to rapidly achieve return on investment and self-sufficiency. For more information, visit or call 1-877-577-6888.

Covalent Software is the UK market leader for Performance Management software in the public sector and healthcare. Founded in 2003, Covalent now has almost 200 customers using its suite of KPIs, Actions, Risks, Governance and other related applications. Delivered as a web-hosted solution, Covalent is simple to deploy and manage with no need for IT input, and no additional hardware costs. Covalent is extremely easy-to-use with an intuitive, point and click interface that’s simple for everyone to learn.


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