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Sep 18, 2013

NOVACES Awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement by General Services Administration for Government-Wide Continuous Process Improvement

NOVACES, a leading management consulting firm that provides performance improvement and project management services to the public sector, announced today that they were competitively awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Government-Wide Continuous Process Improvement Services. NOVACES is teamed with Calibre, who is the prime contractor for the BPA.

Under the BPA, NOVACES and its team members will be able to support any organization within the Federal Government with Strategic Planning, Program Evaluation, Process and Performance Improvement, Communications and Change Management, and Training Services.

“This vehicle enables our government customers access to these critical services during this period where high performance and efficiency are paramount to the success of their missions and budget reduction initiatives,” said NOVACES president Ivan Radovic.

NOVACES, who has supported government performance improvement initiatives and business transformations for nearly ten years, promotes the use of a suite of best-practice management tools to improve government processes. “We cannot expect government to become more efficient without providing them the same advances in management strategy and performance improvement that the private sector has employed with great success,” said Radovic. “There is a constant learning curve in this area that the government must keep up with to meet the expectations of our taxpayers.”

The BPA will provide increased information sharing across government related to best practices in performance management and continuous process improvement. In addition, the acquisition process has been streamlined to enable the government easy access to resources and tools. More information is available at

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