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About Being Corporation

Being Co. Ltd., headquartered in Tsu City, Japan, is a publicly traded software development company (JASDAQ: 4734). Being Co. has developed several highly successful software programs since its establishment in 1984, including its flagship civil construction estimating software called Gaia.

The company's name, Being, is an echo of what the company is about – creating information systems that provide elegant solutions for the needs of human beings.

Being has a strong desire for our clients to flourish by continually increasing value to employees, customers, and shareholders. Towards this end, they are dedicated to providing reliable, enabling software technology to clients and the consultants who serve them.

In Japan, the concept of harmonious relationships as the basis for business success is taken very seriously. For nearly thirty years Being has embraced this ideal in the their management philosophy, "Appreciate, be grateful, and act out of this sense of gratitude.”

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