RAC Preparedness

RAC Preparedness

NOVACES Healthcare Process Experts Help You Better Prepare for RAC Audits

Now that the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program is being implemented nationwide, your healthcare organization may just be starting to feel its real impact. How quickly and accurately you respond to a RAC request will depend on how well you have built the teams and infrastructure to support your response. Often overlooked is the critical role that your workflows and processes will play in providing accurate data and responding in a timely manner.

Get the Facts - NOVACES Healthcare Point Solution: RAC Audit Preparedness

Being prepared is not just about coding or deploying software to handle your RAC team’s coordination and deadlines. You also need to eliminate wasted steps and identify the bottlenecks in your RAC response process. These are the twists and turns that wreak havoc with the accuracy and timeliness of your organization’s response and cause many of the problems that lead to:

  • Wasted labor hours
  • Distractions from delivering patient care
  • Increased Medicare take-backs
  • An inaccurate or non-compliant RAC response

Many healthcare organizations have not examined the root of their audit vulnerabilities and that is where the process improvement expertise of NOVACES comes into play. In as few as five days over a three week time period, NOVACES helps create the right foundation for preparedness. Our RAC Audit Preparedness Solution includes a mock RAC audit to uncover the weak and costly links in your RAC response as well as workflow management, process improvement tools, and proven guidelines and checklists. Almost immediately, the results of this preparedness effort show up in your bottom line.

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