Multi-Project Critical Chain

Course Length: 1 day

This course focuses on the “Enterprise” Project Management Office and the strategic alignment of the organizational portfolio for multi-project critical chain and the developmental project. Participants examine project portfolios and learn to not only align projects with organizational goals, but also to schedule them using CCPM to enable faster, more reliable completion times.

Primary Topics

  • Resource Deconfliction
  • Project Recovery Strategies
  • Developmental vs. Service Strategies
  • Alignment of Mulit-Critical Chain Projects with Organizational Priorities
  • CCPM Alignment Workshop Establishing the Critical Path in a Project Portfolio

Course Objectives

  • Understand and apply strategic alignment of projects to organizational goals
  • Know how CCPM complements a project portfolio
  • Understand and apply the knowledge of CCPM targets
  • Create focus of effort using the CCPM methodologies

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