Empowerment and Delegation

Course Length: 1 day

Sometimes used synonymously, the terms “Empowerment” and “Delegation” are two different things. Delegating entails passing along simple tasks that follow a prescribed process for completion. Empowerment implies trusting your employees’ ability to determine the optimal way to solve a problem. This course considers the similarities and differences between empowerment and delegation, along with the traits, behaviors, and communication styles that leaders can employ with each.

Course Objectives

  • Understand when to empower employees versus when to delegate
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different levels of involvement for empowering and delegating
  • Understand the impact of personal values, employee traits, and situational attributes on empowerment and delegation

Primary Topics

  • Empowerment versus Delegation
  • Levels of Involvement
  • Factors Affecting Empowerment and Delegation
  • Following Through

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