Basic Project Leadership

Course Length: 2 days

In this course, the participant will learn basic problem solving tools and skills such as root cause analysis, cause and effect diagrams, the 5 whys and basic data analysis techniques. This hands-on course covers some of the basic problem solving tools typically taught in a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. As part of the training, each participant is required to identify and develop a plan to improve at least one process in their organization. The training incorporates a simulation to enable participants to practice applying the tools. Participants are required to brief their leadership on their plan with expected outcomes and metrics for success.

Primary Topics

  • Prioritizing Problems
  • Generating Effective Problem Statements
  • Effective Scoping
  • Basic Quality Tools
  • Measuring Impact

Course Objectives

  • Know how to identify and select the pertinent business problems
  • Be able to write an effective problem statement
  • Be able to determine the starting and ending process points of a given problem
  • Gain experience using basic quality tools
  • Know how to effectively measure process change

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