Facilitation and Goals Deployment

Course Length: 2 days

In this course, participants learn how to develop their own organization / departmental mission, goals, and objectives. Included in the training are techniques to identify specified tasks, implied tasks, and critical tasks. Additionally, participants learn to identify road blocks to task accomplishment and how to mitigate or avoid them. As a result of this course, leaders are given a blueprint for facilitating a Goals Deployment Workshop for their organization and to gain buy-in and consensus from employees. Each participant is required to develop a plan for their organization and to schedule a workshop soon after course completion. Instructor mentorship is advised for the execution of a Goals Deployment Workshop.

Course Objectives

  • Generate objectives linked to a mission and vision statement
  • Deploy objectives as measurable targets within a functional area

Primary Topics

  • Mission Statements and Vision
  • Deploying Objectives Using an X-Matrix
  • Bowling Charts
  • Goals Deployment Workshop Blueprint

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